STONE – Fashion Watchdog Plea as Brands Attacked for Mistreating Factories As the fashion industry continues to grow, so do the allegations of mistreatment of factory workers. In recent days, several major fashion brands have been accused of using sweatshop labor and exploiting workers in their factories. The allegations are particularly concerning for those in […]

ARTSKY AGENCY – 2023 Business Ideas for Start-Up Entrepreneurs As the world of business evolves and technology continues to advance, entrepreneurs have more opportunities than ever to start their own businesses. With the right idea, business plan, and resources, anyone can become an entrepreneur and make a living from their own business. In 2021, the […]

ARTSKY LABS – Starbucks Launches Beta of Web3 ‘Odyssey’ Loyalty Program Starbucks has just announced the launch of its new Web3 ‘Odyssey’ Loyalty Program, a beta version of its blockchain-based loyalty program. This program is designed to reward customers with digital tokens that can be redeemed for rewards, discounts, and other benefits. The Web3 ‘Odyssey’ […]